Monday 20 December 2010

Way Too Much This Kind Of Love

Whilst I type this out Im watching the Showgirl Tour DVD. Kylie tweeted about our blog again, and that truly means the world to both Robyn and I especially since we started this blog as just a silly little thing because we were both bored, plus it helped out vent out our love of both Kylie and fashion. But the fact Kylie herself has seen it and tweeted about us and also William Baker emailed us to express his support has just made this whole thing worth while.

Trying not to get all soppy but I gotta thank my Aunt Lorraine for getting me into Kylie back in 2000 with "Spinning Around" and being in her car singing along to "Cant Get You Out Of My Head", and after years of desperately wanting to see her perform live March 24th 2005 in Glasgow my first Kylie live experience. That night was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life so far, also helps that she noticed me in the audience. No matter how "mean" I may be about some of her outfits or a few songs I will always adore her and she will still be my number 1 icon and role model. Plus thanks to Kylie I have been able to meet some of my bestest friends in the world!

"On a night like this, I wanna stay forever."

My Aunt Lorraine is sadly no longer here but I know for a fact if she were here she would be singing along to "Better Than Today" with me *cries*

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  1. Aww, Robbie!! That's really sweet. You and Robyn so deserve the praise of Kylie and William-this style blog has got to be the best source for Kylie's fashion.

    I'm really glad that your Aunt Lorraine got you into Kylie as well. Otherwise, we would have never "met" and I wouldn't have such an awesome person to talk about Kylie, Wicked, musicals, fashion, etc with.

    Long live!!!!!