Thursday 27 January 2011

Aphrodite: Les Folies Promo 1

Kylie looks beautiful in the promo pictures for the new tour, in a white and gold dress with web detail and thigh high slit, she paired the dress with a pair of Givenchy Spring 2006 gold sandals with doublt ankle strap and a roman gladiator style headdress.


  1. Gladiator the roman army is gonna be wiped out! Ultra Aphrodite unleash THE ULTRA les Folies army!

  2. That pic is so Maj-ER! Can't wait for the tour to get to NYC!!!

  3. i think she wore those shoes back in 2006 (or so) in Vogue Australia photoshoot. and of course that dress last year in july.

    btw hate this pic, it doesn't do her any favours

  4. @ Anonymous you're right she wore them in the Australian Vogue shoot, she also had another pair from the same collection which she wore during the Homecoming tour.

    The picture is a little dodgy, at first I admit I Thought it was photoshopped as her head looks quite small compared to the rest of the body.