Thursday 10 March 2011

Aphrodite: Les Folies Wardrobe Round Up

Now that there is quite a few good photos of Kylies Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe from the tour, I thought I would do a round up of the whole wardrobe.

Act I.
A gorgeous white chiffon heavily pleated rise and fall dress with a gold leather paneled bodice and long strands of pearls, she wore the dress with pale gold glitter speck gladiator sandals and a "Hermes" style wings headdress with pearl strands.

Act II.
This incredible blush pink chiffon and crystal embellished waistband and straps this dress is very reminiscent of the dresses from the "I Believe In You" music video.

Act III.
One of the most dramatic outfits from the tour was this black leather and metal corset bodice dress with huge feathered skirt, the dress was topped off literally with a black corset top hat and gold thigh high boots.

Act IV.
A beautiful white heavily pleated dress with crystal bands around the lower arm and neckline and a delicious feather trim, she wore a gold bodysuit underneath and a crystal star headdress.

Act V.
This dress is quirky and futuristic, which is something that always seems to be including in a Kylie show. this iridescent foil dress with huge tulip style skirt the creases in the "material" makes the dress even more fantastic, she wore the dress with Christian Louboutin "Daffodile" pumps.

Act VI.
My favourite look is this gold and silver chainmail mini dress, the dress was embellished with crosses, studs and large crystals, she wore a gold plated choker with padlock, pale gold glitter speck gladiator sandals and the gold body suit underneath.

Act VII.
Mardi Gras meets "Step Back In Time" meets Ghetto. She wore a white slashed front tank top, a denim hotpants and a massive burnt orange feather jacket like all the other outfits she wore the same gold bodysuit underneath and gold beaded ankle boots and a crystal headband.

The finale outfit was adorable a pearl stand embellished bodysuit, with a beige pleated cape she completed the look with gold sandals and a beaded swimming cap.

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