Thursday 28 April 2011

Styx Magazine: Kylie Minogue Special Issue

Styx magazine a French based magazine is set to release a special issue dedicate to Kylie the "Aphrodites Folies" issue will cover the album all the way to the tour itself. You can get a copy from their website the magazine is limited to 500 and will be released on the 20th of May.

Prices Including Shipping:
€24.90 (France)
€31.90 (Rest Of The World)


  1. Hi there, I ordered this ages ago and paid by Paypal, but never got an order confirmation :-(
    So beware of this ... now i don't know, maybe they're facing computer issues or something ?

  2. Hello Isa!
    The magazine is not out yet, it will be released in late may.. Don't worry! Régis from Sunset Entertainment

  3. I edited the post to say what the release date was completely forgot to add that sorry.