Monday 29 August 2011

Kylie Fashion Wish List 8 (Robbie)

Not many could pull off wearing a Lion paw on their foot but Im sure Kylie could. These adorable Christian Louboutin "Alex" lion paw pumps would look so frickin hot on her. As my friend Andy said she has done cutesy feline before now it is time for sexy feline.


  1. Kylie has that puuuur-fect charm to pull these off with style. I'm thinking all white, safari, tailored and that trusty white trilby - no other animal print tho, that would detract from the paws ;) x

  2. I can picture her in a nice crisp white Dolce & Gabbana shirt, pair of simple trousers and a trilby aswell. No doubt with a killer pair of sunglasses <3